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Development Frontiers: where poverty and sustainability meet

This is to draw people’s attention to the ESRC-DFID Development Frontiers Research Call, which I am directing. This is a £2.5m call on the intersection between poverty, sustainability and conflict/fragility, designed to encourage innovative, cross-disciplinary and multi-level (macro-micro) research on the ‘wicked problem’ of delivering simultaneously both poverty reduction and especially climate goals. A scoping paper is here.

Details of the call are still being finalised, but in the meantime, a workshop was organised to discuss the scope of the call and the modalities of new collaborations. There were some great speakers and a great discussion. The report has been published and is strongly recommended. Powerpoints are also available, by me, Nick Mabey, Prof Frances Stewart, and Prof Johan Schot.

I will post further details of the call as they emerge, but the primary source is the ESRCEconomic and Social Research Council website, here.

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