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Ten propositions on climate change and growth

I’m trying to work out my ideas about climate change and growth, and this document is an attempt to get to grips with some of the issues, in the form of ten propositions, listed below. It would help me to be instructed on the arguments and on further reading.  Thanks in advance for any help and comments.

1. Growth does matter for poor countries – even though most poverty is not in the poorest countries

2. Climate change is one driver, but the measures taken to tackle climate change will also have effects on growth

3. A global perspective is needed

4. A climate compatible strategy needs to be at the heart of the response

5. Low carbon growth appears feasible

6. Get overall policy right: the need for a flexible and competitive economy

7. Link climate policies to growth

8. The priority for funding is to leverage private flows

9. Invest in the politics of climate compatible development

10. Grow - and be happy!

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