Simon Maxwell

Beyond 2015: starting the conceptual debate about the future of the Millenium Declaration and the MDGs (funded by the German Development Institute - DIE)

Simon provided a presentation to, and acted as resource person for, the German Development Institute's workshop 'Beyond 2015: starting the conceptual debate about the future of the Millenium Declaration and the MDGs' in January.

In September 2010, a high-level Millennium+10 Event will be held in New York to review progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Many challenges will persist beyond 2015, catalysts for MDG achievement need to be taken into account in discussions on the future of the Millennium Declaration and the MDGs, concretely: a reference framework for international development beyond 2015.

To contribute to that debate, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) and the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) has organised a workshop on 18 January 2010 in Bonn to discuss the main challenges for international development up to and after 2015, to identify prerequisites and priorities for a potential post-2015 target system and to strengthen the conceptual foundations for a BMZ position on this. The discussions was focused on the following three questions:

  • Should the protection of global public goods, such as climate, be integrated into a future agenda and how?
  • How can the two chapters of the Millennium Declaration on peace, security and disarmament, and on human rights, democracy and good governance be better reflected in a future reference system for international development?
  • Is there a need for additional social or economic goals after 2015 (e.g. social protection, socio-economic equity, pro-poor green economy)?

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