Simon Maxwell

Linking Relief and Development: An Introduction and Overview

'Linking Relief and Development: An Introduction and Overview', (with M. Buchanan-Smith) in IDS Bulletin 25:4, October 1994

This Bulletin tackles the subject of 'linking relief and development'. The basic idea is simple and sensible. Emergencies are costly in terms of human life and resources. They are disruptive of development. They demand a long period of rehabilitation. And they have spawned bureaucratic structures, lines of communication and organizational cultures which duplicate development institutions and sometimes cut across them. By the same token, development policy and administration are often insensitive to the risk of drought and other shocks, and to the importance of protecting vulnerable households against risk. If relief and development can be 'linked', so the theory goes, these deficiencies can be overcome1. Better 'development' can reduce the need for emergency relief; better 'relief' can contribute to development; and better 'rehabilitation' can ease the transition between the two

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