Simon Maxwell

Saucy with the Gods: Nutrition and Food Security Speak to Poverty

'Saucy with the Gods: Nutrition and Food Security Speak to Poverty' in Food Policy, Vol. 23, No. 3/4, pp.215-230, 1998

Poverty reduction has become the dominant paradigm of the 1990s, but poverty planners have had to re-learn many hard-won lessons from the earlier experience of nutrition and food security. Poverty planners can also learn from the current struggles of these related disciplines: for example, on how to discriminate between competing narratives, on the problems consequent on nutrition transitions, on managing international targets, and on questions of accountability. In general, this example of poor communication between disciplines emphasises the need for institutional learning and for management of knowledge. Development organisations need networks that cut across disciplines and sectors, which build cooperation in the field, and which develop new forms of partnership with poor people.


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