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Food security: a post-modern perspective

Food security: a post-modern perspective, , Food Policy, Volume 21, Issue 2, May 1996 (also published as IDSInstitute for Development Studies, Sussex Working Paper No. 9, October 1994)

The paper explores post-modern currents in food security. It identifies three main shifts in thinking about food security since the World Food Conference of 1974: from the global and the national to the household and the individual; from a food first perspective to a livelihood perspective; and from objective indicators to subjective perception. It finds these shifts to be consistent with post-modern thinking in other spheres, and it draws on the wider debate to recommend food security policy which eschews meta-narratives in favour of recognizing diversity, providing households and individuals with choices which contribute to self-determination and autonomy. The current conventional wisdom on food security is reviewed and some post-modern amendments are suggested.

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