Simon Maxwell

Europe’s global challenge: three crucial months

Europe’s global challenge: three crucial months; Paul Engel, Dirk Messner, Simon Maxwell, and Pierre Schori, Open Democracy, 9 September 2009

The problems of global economy, climate and security are sharpening. Europe has a critical opportunity to emerge as a progressive force in tackling them, say four leading figures in the continent‘s development-policy arena.

The key decisions made over the next three months will determine Europe's future international role. Both the world and Europe are changing. On the one hand, the script which drives global policy-making is being rewritten to address the financial crisis, climate change, and global security challenges. On the other hand, the institutions of the European Union are - whether or not Ireland's referendum on 2 October 2009 allows the Lisbon treaty to be ratified - on the brink of radical overhaul. By January 2010, the union's institutions, leaders and agenda will have acquired a new aspect. But will the changes that are coming allow Europe to emerge as a progressive force?................ (see link in title for full article)

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