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We need to talk about Europe

We need to talk about Europe




We need to talk about Europe’ was published on 5 November by Open Democracy. It is an exchange, a conversation in the form of three letters, between me and Anthony Barnett, prompted by his new book, ‘The Lure of Greatness: England’s Brexit and America’s Trump: Why 2016 blew away the World Order, and how we must Respond’.

Find out why Anthony thinks English nationalism drove the Brexit vote, why he thinks the way the argument to remain was made was cowardly and evasive, and why I think this is a ‘flamethrower of a book’. We touch on the ‘great intractables’ of global governance, and debate the balance between culture and calculus in collective action. We weigh the instrumental case for remaining in the EU. And we discuss whether Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel hold the key to the UK remaining in the EU.

The exchange between us can be read here, and comments can also be made. The Lure of Greatness is published by Unbound.

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