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Inspiring Action to Reduce Poverty

Inspiring Action to Reduce Poverty, ODI Opinion 108, September 2008

This Opinion, drawn from the overview of the ODIOverseas Development Institute (London) Annual Report 2008, sets out the ODIOverseas Development Institute (London) priorities and concerns over the past year, and its future agenda.

New issues crowd on to the develop­ment agenda. The need for international collaboration grows greater. The time available to respond grows shorter. Think food prices, or oil, or natural disasters in fragile state.  A think tank that aspires to be influential on the international stage needs to work in new ways, on new topics, with new partners, and to a new timescale.

In planning our own future, we have identified three big challenges, which we call the three ‘Cs’: coverage, capacities and communication................. (see link in title for full article)

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