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Are you an aid boffin or an aid muffin?

Light relief! Test your knowledge of aid with this new quiz
There are 15 questions. Choose one answer for each. Find the scoring sheet below and see which category you fall into at the end.
  1. The number of aid projects approved annually is
    (a) 80,000, (b) 180,000, (c) 18,000
  2. The number of donor countries is
    (a) 36, (b) 56, (c) 76
  3. The number of bilateral agencies is
    (a) 97, (b) 137, (c) 197
  4. The number of multilateral agencies is
    (a) 263, (b) 163, (c) 63
  5. The average size of an aid project in 2008 was
    (a) $US 0.5m, (b) $US 1.5 m, , (c) $US 15m
  6. The median size of an aid project in 2008 was
    (a) $US 47,000, (b) $US 70,000, (c) $US 740,000
  7. The average number of donor missions received by developing countries in a year is
    (a) 163, (b) 263, (c) 463
  8. The OECD/DAC estimates the annual efficiency losses caused by donor proliferation at
    (a) $US 1 bn, (b) $US 5 bn, (c) $US 9 bn
  9. The largest NGONon-governmental organisation in the world is World Vision. Its number of staff is
    (a) 14,600, (b) 34, 600, (c) 46,000
  10. The number of international NGOs delivering aid in Haiti after the earthquake:
    (a) 900, (b) 1,900, (c) 2,900
  11. The number of NGOs working in Vietnam in 2002 was
    (a) 150, (b) 250, (c) 350
  12. The total volume of aid provided since 1960 in 2007 constant dollars is
    (a) $US 3.2 tn, (b) $US 6.2 tn, (c) $US 9.2 tn
  13. The total annual value of aid, including from private sources, is now
    (a) $US 120bn, $S 150 bn, (c) $US 200bn
  14. The share of this that is programmable by non-fragile countries is
    (a) 10%, (b) 30%, (c) 50%
  15. In 2008, non-DAC emerging donors provided a total of
    (a) $US 5 bn, (b) $US 15 bn, (c) $US 25 bn.
(All data from ‘Catalyzing Development: A New Vision for Aid’, the excellent new book on aid from the Brookings Institution, edited by Homi Kharas, Koji Makino and Woojin Jung. Don’t miss their ten-point ‘actionable game-changers’ for a Paris++ agenda at the High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan)

For my own take on Busan see here and here.


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